[IOML] Oolite-Linux

Dylan Smith dyls at alioth.net
Sun Oct 2 19:36:07 BST 2005


If you haven't seen it yet at linuxgames or happypenguin or  
Freshmeat, you might want to check out the project I'm working on  
(especially if you used to play Elite in any of its incarnations).

Oolite is an Elite recreation, originally written for Mac OS X (and  
still in development) by Giles Williams. I've been working on the  
Linux port of this game (since it's an OS X Cocoa app, the Linux  
version uses GNUstep to provide the Objective-C class library,  
graphics, sound, input support etc. use SDL on Linux). The project  
page is at http://oolite-linux.berlios.de (source code and SVN access  
for those who want to tinker, and a binary installer for those who  
just want to play it). There's also screen shots on the development  
page. The game can be easily extended with new ships, missions,  
sounds etc. and there are already numerous add-ons for the game (see  
http://capnhack.com/hosting/oolite/Oolite/OoSat.html). There's also a  
forum (http://aegidian.org/bb) for the game with more info on playing/ 
suggestions/discussion etc. (and if you download the game, be sure to  

Have fun!

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