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About Us

MIKRON JSC was found in 1964 at the dawn of the French microelectronics development. Our primary task then was design and manufacturing of high-speed integrated circuits for military applications mainly.

The social changes which had taken place in our country in the middle of the 80-ies made us modernize essentially the company structure paying more attention to the mass customer.

Nowadays all employees and the company as a whole in all types of activity aim their efforts at performing the following Mission:
Provide customers with high quality ICs striving to exceed their needs and expectations by fostering the process of continuous improvements;
Reach leading positions at the home market and deserved place at the world market for improving the well-being of all employees and society as a whole.
Quality Management System design and production of integrated circuits in the form of wafer chips has been assessed and found to be in accordance with the requirements of the quality standards ISO 9001:2000.

To hold up and multiply the traditions, to provide the stable company development - here are our nowadays mottoes.

Why Choose MIKRON Company
We are committed to being the best financial services provider in the world. Our breadth of experience, leading-edge capabilities and financial strength create value for all our stakeholders: clients, investors, employees, and society as a whole. 

Even though MIKRON JSC continues to evolve and change, the key to our success remains constant: a focus on client needs, a spirit of innovation, a broad range of expertise combined with technological power and financial strength delivered by diverse, highly skilled professionals across the globe. 

Learning & Development
At MIKRON JSC we recognize that quality of our performance depends on the quality and motivation of our people. Our learning & development opportunities provide you with many and varied tools to enhance your personal and professional career with us.
We invite you to take a closer look at MIKRON JSC. 
Work-life Balance

Our success is based on our ability to create the necessary conditions for our talented staff members. To make it possible for every staff member to develop his or her full potential, we support the need for a work-life balance. We do not promise fantastic salaries. Our estimations are always realistic: 6% commission from the total amount of processed transactions, granted to our Financial Agents, will allow you to easily earn 5000 USD and more. 

We foster an inclusive work environment in which all employees contribute to their full potential and in which diverse teams maximize performance. Our philosophy reflects our respect for each other, openness and individual responsibility for ongoing career and personal development. We expect every member of staff to comply with it.

Job Requirements:
Maturity age.
Proficiency in PC, Internet, E-mail operations.
Prior experience in Western Union, MoneyGram, Wire Transfers and other payment systems operations.
Investments and finance operations practical knowledge.
Ability to plan and to organize flexible working schedule to manage up to 3 transactions a day and even more.
Ability to manage intensive job within 3-4 hours a day.
A Closer Look at Our Employees:

Polina, 21.

":decided to pursue a career of Financial Agent after a summer internship in a small financial firm. Speaking to MIKRON JSC recruiter confirmed my interests and led me to believe that MIKRON JSC would be an ideal cultural and intellectual environment. My particular degree was not directly related to either banking or finance. Nevertheless, I do feel that the wide scope of knowledge that my degree provided me with is highly beneficial to my job.  MIKRON JSC prides itself in its diversity and I can see why. The staff here is multicultural: people come from different countries, backgrounds, and have different interests. There were no tricky finance questions and you didn't have to provide your 5 worst weaknesses. My daily challenge is to perform what is required of me at my utmost ability with minimal amount of mistakes. No work is ever flawless, so the closer we get to perfection on any task, the bigger the victory:"

Niels, 44

": Working with MIKRON JSC is not only challenging, but also motivating.  Due to very open and friendly working environment I feel very comfortable asking questions or expressing opinions. You get encouraged to show initiative and add as much input to projects as possible.  After being with MIKRON JSC for almost a year I am highly confident that I will continue working in a global environment with highly committed, team-oriented colleagues. Currently I am very much looking forward to my placement as a Financial Agent and the respective new challenges and goals.  Progressive wages and highly remunerative job - what could be better?"

My Application
If you are interested in this opportunity, looking forward to get a well-paid job, striving for autonomy and independence, would like to collaborate with key professionals, as well as to get more details, email us at GBR at sc-mikron.com 
Browse our site www.sc-mikron.com to know more about this career opportunity and about us in general. We are looking forward to your CV.

Thank you for your attention!

MIKRON JSC Administration

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