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Sateny Finance Group mike at cienciaficcion.com
Sat Sep 3 06:01:14 BST 2005

Sateny Finance Group can help you make your dreams come true while getting a monthly wage working on the Internet.

As everything you need to work with SATENY FINANCE GROUP is:

-  being a US, UK, Germany, Italy or Spain citizen

-  having a bank account 

-  having a computer connected to the Internet

-  a little of your spare time

How it works:

Working for us as a Payment Processing Manager, you will become a part

of the new trend in the world banking system. Duties of the

position are simple, and income depends only on your efforts. All you

have to do is transfer payments between our clients getting your interest from each operation.

Basically it will be 5%, with each transfer your interest will grow. Our clients normally receive USD 1000 to 50000 and


If want to work with us, contact your personal manager  Ms. Kelly

Johnson, e-mail: manager at sateny-group.com

ateny Finance Group cares about your prosperity. Make your life better together with Sateny Finance Group!

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