[IOML] Vibrating Cock Ring

Isaac Fidel uwhurtlnns at france.acnielsen.com
Wed Apr 26 20:35:03 BST 2006

EXTRA PLEASURE - vibrating cock ring

Brings Excitement to you lovelife!


- Extra Pleasure Can stimulate the pleasure and sensation in lovemaking, as well as prolong ejaculation, increase the length or orgasm, and intensify the sensation.
- Extra Pleasure pleasures both male and female, at the same time.
- Extra Pleasure is designed for optimal clitoral sensation, when worn on the base of the penis during sex.
- Extra Pleasure can stimulate a mans sexual arousal and prevent impotence and E.D. in long-term use.
- Extra Pleasure can be used with a condom (optional).
- Extra Pleasure is suitable for all ages, and penis sizes


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