[IOML] great lift on OTC, pay attention to the information

Terry Dunbar TerryDunbar at nycmail.com
Wed Jun 14 02:12:43 BST 2006

As a trader myself, I often wished there was someone by my side to pick out the most promising new stocks for me. You’re more lucky here, with all this information given away – just check out what’s here below!

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C T X E . P K - C a n t e x E n e r g y C o r p
Global score: Excellent|
Mean Recommendation: Strnog Byu|
Investor Action:Buy Fats|
Current Price: $0.51 Get it Now!

Beofre we strat wtih the proifle of C T X E . P K we wolud lkie to mentio
something vrey impotrant: Three is a Big PR Capmaign satrting tihs week .
nAd it wlil go all week so it wolud be bset to get in Nwo.

Company Profile:
C a n t e x E n e r g y C o r poartion is an indepednent, manaegd rsik, oil and gas epxloration, devleopment, and productoin cmopany heaqduartered in San Antonoi, Txeas.

Recent News:
C a n t e x E n e r g y C o r p. (C T X E . P K - Nwes) anonunced taht the sesimic cerws hvae been moiblized and the 40 miels of siesmic wrok has commenecd on the Big Canoyn Prsopect taregting the esatern Val Vrede Bsain. The cerw satrted operatoins on Friady Jnue 2 2060. Tehy hvae been moivng oevr the terrain bteter tahn exepcted and the frist of trhee lnies shuold be cmopleted by wekes edn. Dtaa tehn wlil be snet off for proecssing taknig 3 to 4 weeks. The eatsern Val Vedre Bsain is veiwed by indutsry exeprts as prehaps one of the Loewr 4'8s msot under-exploerd, prvoen gas provinecs.

Tarce Mauirn, Presidnet of C a n t e x E n e r g y C o r p., satted, "hTe Val Vrede Baisn ofefrs a signifciant, undere-xplored nautral gas resoucre opoprtunity for new and eemrging laeyrs. The sesimic dtaa aavilable currenlty bceomes a dsitinct comeptitive advnatage to evalaute waht has not been seen befoer. Tehre are at lesat a dzoen acitve palyers in the baisn now and an uknnown nmuber of additoinal plyaers liekly awaitnig smoe icnentive or oppprtuinty to gian a compeittive avdantage, and we bleieve taht our geophsyical epxerts at Providecne Technoloiges hvae the cpaability and epxertise to proivde us taht avdantage. Needelss-to-say, we are anxiuosly looking fowrard to the ognoing seisimc dtaa reoprts oevr the nxet seevral weesk."

For more information, refer to the entire news for the company announced on June 6.

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