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Tue Jun 20 15:48:37 BST 2006

Nervous to get trading alerts? I know this. Piece of mind is reachable even for a trader! Here’s some valuable information that can improve the situation. 

This stock has been on my watch list for quite a time. And now I have all the grounds to tell you it’s about to rock very soon.

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Infinex Ventures Inc. (IFN  X)
Current Price: 0.92

Company Overview:
Aggressive and energetic, Infinex boasts a dynamic and diversified
portfolio of operations across North America, with an eye on international

Grounded in natural resource exploration, Inifinex also offers
investors access to exciting new developments in the high-tech sector and the
booming international real estate market. Our market based experience,
tenacious research techniques, and razor sharp analytical skills allow
us to leverage opportunities in emerging markets and developing

Identifying these opportunities in the earliest stages allows us to
accelerate business development and fully realize the company true
potential. Maximizing overall profitability and in turn enhancing shareholder

Current Press Release

Infinex Ventures Inc.(INFX - News) is pleased to announce that on
January 30, 2006, we entered into an agreement ("Agreement"), with Rodolfo
Francisco Villar ("Vendor") to purchase a 50% interest in the mining and
exploration of the following Claims, the ("Claims"):


139 TESORO 1 1 - 30 03304-0532-5

140 TESORO 2 1 - 12 03304-0532-3

141 TESORO 3 1 - 30 03304-0534-1

142 TESORO 4 1 - 30 03304-0535-K

143 TESORO 5 1 - 25 03304-0536-8

144 TESORO 6 1 - 20 03304-0537-6

145 TESORO 7 1 - 25 03304-0538-4

146 TESORO 8 1 - 12 03304-0539-2

147 TESORO 9 1 - 12 03304-0540-6

148 TESORO 10 1 - 20 03304-0541-4

149 TESORO 11 1 - 20 03304-0542-2

150 TESORO 12 1 - 5 03304-0543-0

These Claims are more particularly located at the northern end of the
El Indio Belt in Chile Region III which is approximately 150 kms. East
of the City of Vallenar, Chile.

1. Under the terms of the Agreement, the Vendor will grant to the Company the sole and exclusive irrevocable right and title to the
Claims, subject to:

(i) the completion by the Company of confirmation of legal title and due diligence on the Properties as to ownership by the Vendor and results therefrom being satisfactory to the
Company, acting reasonably, within a period of 90 days;

(ii) the right to extend a further 90 days by mutual consent. (the right to extend a further 90 days has been granted to the Company, in an effort to complete its due diligence);

(iii) The Vendor and the Company shall put forth, all their reasonable best efforts to obtain a satisfactory title opinion or Court Order, or such that the Company will acquire the property freee and clear of all liens and encumbrances, with a view to further develop the property into an operating mine.

2. Upon satisfactory completion of the due diligence and clear title being established, the Company will then:

(a) issue to the Vendor Twenty Million (20,000,000) Common Shares, upon the execution by the parties of this Agreement and subject to the subject conditions as set out above; and 
(b) that all original documents or notarized copies of official translations are therefore required to complete the transactions contemplated in the Agreement. The issuance of the 20 Million (20,000,000) Common Shares shall be issued in the Vendors designated name to the benefit of Vendor, upon the removal of the subject conditions as set out above.

3. Further, satisfactory completion of the due diligence and clear title being established the Purchaser with the assistance of the Vendor, (if necessary), will apply for permits to the appropriate
authorities to place the property into production. Upon the appropriate permits being approved, the Purchaser will have the option to acquire an additional 25% interest in the property (bringing the Purchaser interest to 75%) in exchange for a further issuance of Ten Million (10,000,000) Common shares of the Company's stock. We are presently pursuing further due diligence on these Claims.

On Behalf of the Board

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