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Lois Ellison Hendricksonjotham at jointhefuture.com
Mon Nov 6 12:14:55 GMT 2006

Good day Iom!. 
On behalf of our company Innomax, please, accept our apologies for the inconvenience you have been caused, but we have seen your resume at one oft he jobsites. We are glad to help you and offer to try a post of Transfer Manager in our company on some period of probation. We enclose the list fo your duties and our demands. Please, loko through them very carefully. We can offer you two variants: constant and part-time job. It is very suitable for those who want to earn extra money. 


Position Title: Transfe rManager 

Grade and Starting Salary Range: Fixed salary is $2000 + % from each job you have completed. You will receive at least 6% of cost of each job done. Diligetnly working manager enjoys salary in amount of not less than $6000. 

Area of Consideration: lAl Sources 

Location: Australia vritual office 

Transfer Manager must: 
to fix negotiations between company and client
to agree and approve all terms and conditions with the client
to fulfill all orders given by a supervisingm anager
to provide mnoey transactions (client's payment)  
to follow all instructions(indications) of the company  


After the trial period (1-2 month) your salary will be $4600 + comimssions. Our company takes care of our employees and all the taxes they have to pay are covered by it. 

High Salary Range  
The Conclusion of the OfficialC ontract  
If you are interested in the job we are offering, please send us your resume 
only on this e-mail: hr at inno-maxco.org

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