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"i am very glad to hear such a good account of her," said lady catherine; "and pray tell her from<BR>earliest tidings of it, that the period of anxiety and fretfulness on her side might be as long as it could.<BR>a man of honour could not have doubted the intention, but mr. darcy chose to doubt it-or to treat it as<BR>comforted the day before the ball by hearing, that instead of twelve he brought only six with him from<BR>accomplished."<BR>best manner that his profession might allow-and if he took orders, desired that a valuable family living<BR>"we must endeavour to forget all that has passed on either side," said jane: "i hope and trust they<BR>correspondence with her sister, there was still less to be learnt-for her letters to kitty, though rather<BR>doubt not will prove a valuable acquaintance, especially if lady catherine should be so indulgent as to<BR>attached to these young men, and know them to be so much attached to me! they were excessively<BR>"a man who had felt less, might."<BR>"perhaps it would have been better," replied her sister. "but to expose the former faults of any<BR>be always under good regulation."<BR>i am happier even than jane; she only smiles, i laugh. mr. darcy sends you all the love in the world<BR>are each of you so complying, that nothing will ever be resolved on; so easy, that every servant will<BR>bingley expressed great pleasure in the certainty of seeing elizabeth again, having still a great<BR>and though they were at one time left by themselves for half-an-hour, he adhered most conscientiously<BR>bennet, and was a great comfort to them in their hours of freedom. their other aunt also visited them<BR>"mr. bennet, how can  you abuse your own children in such a way? you take delight in vexing<BR>before he has found them. who is to fight wickham, and make him marry her, if he comes away?"<BR>claim an acquaintance with you-mr. bingley and his sisters."<BR>elizabeth then contrived to sit by her aunt. their first object was her sister; and she was more<BR>an unanswerable argument with his amiable charlotte to name an early day for making him the<BR>

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