[IOML] Emilia

Emilia Brennan deborahpais at cameraworld.1nc037.com
Sun Nov 12 11:23:51 GMT 2006

Symbol: MXXR
Current price:   Around   $0.018
Short Term Target:        $0.10
Long Term Target:         $0.45

Results from MXXR's latest drilling will be announced very 
soon.  Excitement is building, and the inside word is that 
the results will exceed expectations!

In order to benefit from this lucrative opportunity you need 
to get in now, before the big news release.  There's still 
time, but not much.  The news could be out as early as 
Tuesday, November 13th. 

THIS is the one you've been waiting for!  Do yourself a 
favor and make that big score!

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