[IOML] The Greatest Summer JOB Opporunity

Darin Maynard 455heinz at labyrinth.net.au
Sun Oct 29 20:30:48 GMT 2006

Dear Sir/Madam!

Our company are trying to find as many people as possible, people who 
are trying to find a jo bare perfect for us. We are a reasonable company 
and you will make good money with us. We are offering a job for 
everyone and everywhere, any country. Anybody can handle this job. You don't 
have to have any education degree, you don't have to have any past 
experience. Even if you are just a student and looking for additional money 
- this job is for you. You will not spend a lot of time for doing this
job since it is a part-time job. The only one requirement is you have 
to be 18+ years old. 

A little bit about job:

A position is called "Bank Courrier". Your goal will be very simple. 
You get money from our clients and you pass the money to our agents to 
another country where our main Western Union office is located, or Money 
Gram. You work 1-3 hours a day. Saturday adn Sunday areyour weekend 
days and you willnot work on these. We will pay you daily,d epends on what sum you are working with. For example: You recieved 2000 USD. You get your 200 USD which is 10% and the rest of money you send to our agent, 
we will provide you with details for every transaction. Job is very easy 
and money you will get paid are good, thus you will be able to make 
1000 USD and more a week.

If you are ready to start working with us you have to make a 
registration on our website http://www.seekjobdeals.com Click "Register" . After 
you make a registration on our website and within 24 hours we will start 
working with you. If you are ready - go ahead and make registration and 
work with us. We guarantee a stable high pay outs. {.W_SL}

Best Regards
Best Job Life Comapny

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