[IOML] Stock Opportunities on Wall Street SBNS . PK

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Mon Sep 4 04:07:43 BST 2006

Are you tired of seeing red on the charts All I ask is you read the info and do your due diligence, you will see the potential


Symbol: SBNS. PK
Current Price: .98
Expected: Steady Climb for the TOP

This quick rising stock is a good long term winner. This stock is going high due to superb business solutions and creative partnerships in thebusiness world.

Below is the companys most recent headline.

Shallbetter Industries, Inc. Announces New President

HONOLULU--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 28, 2006--Shallbetter Industries Inc. is pleased to announce the appointment of a new President and Corporate Finance Group.
Mr. Bruce Pridmore B.Sc. M.B.A has been retained as Shallbetter's new President and Chief Financial Officer. Mr. Pridmore is the founding Partner of London Asia Capital Canada and past Executive Director of Pacific Asia for the National Research Council of Canada. Mr. Pridmore brings extensive knowledge of Asian business practices as well as comprehensive understanding of capital markets both in North America and throughout the European Economic Community. Mr. Pridmore will assume the day to day operation of the company and the organization of a new drilling program once additional capital has been raised. It is anticipated the additional capital will be raised by way of debt, equity or a combination thereof.

Dont miss the boat, this is a new issue, is thinly traded and could move up quickly.  We anticipate that shares of SBNS will be much higher in the short-term.  ACT ON IT!


Shallbetter Industries Inc is an international mining company with operations focused in Mongolia. Shallbetter has been granted exclusive government mining rights to many highly sought after mining locations. Having exclusive rights to land rich with gold in regions of the world that are fairly inexpensive in labor makes the profit outlook of many Shallbetter projects very alluring to investors. Shallbetter seeks to carry out highly profitable projects with the utmost in environmental and social responsibility in mind. All projects are given due diligence in research before conclusions are made as to accurate projections of profitability and feasibility.

Any of the above statements with respect to the future predications or goals and events may be seen as only Foward speculation and nothing else. All information inside this email pertaining to any sort of financial advice need to be understood as just information and not any real advice. None of the information above can be constructed as any sort of financial advice. Confidentiality Statemen

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