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Breaking marrket news report - TQ WW. P K 

Lookup: TQ WW. P K

Coompany Name: Tayolr Aqauponics Worlwdide, Inc.

Recently tradinng for:  0.40

6 Week Target: 1.25

6 Month Target:  4.97

Rating:  Immediate bu y

Expected: Steadily climb for the top

Our featured compaany TQW W is a “Big Fish” in what so far has been a little pond. But all of that is going to change when Wall Street sees the growth they’re experiencing.

Whether you love fish, or vegetables, or don’t care for either one, TQ WW needs to be on your plate! Succcess has already happened for Tailor Made Fish Farms, the original coompany behind TQW W, as you can see by the stories on this page. Do your research, and find out why we think TQ WW could increase as much as 400% or more in the next few weeks.

If you’ve been fishing for a great opportunity, O TCPK: TQ WW could be the best deal you’ve ever hooked!

Tialor Aquaopnics Worldiwde, Inc. (OTC PK: TQ WW) has developed an easy to operate, land-based modular fish production system that is both sustainable and environmentally responsible. Production of ‘year-round’ premium quality fish and vegetables is achieved through compact and 
controlled production areas using much less water than conventional methods 
resulting in two crops from a single water uptake.

This efficient combination of T QWW's fish & vegetable production has 
two major advantages: 

We see the possibility of a 250% rise in the very near future, and more 
may come after word spreads. Go with the flow – and b uy T QWW when the “tide” is low, then just wait for it to come in! 

Huge moneey from a comppany that satisfies ecological needs – there’s something you don’t see very often. T QWW is primed for huge international growth in the very near future, and as one of the most well-known players in the aquaponics field, TQW W will bring its iindustry to new countries (and new invesstors!). 

It seems like making moneyy with Aquapoincs is as easy as shooting fish in a barrel…and now you can ride the wave with TQW W!

Don’t delay – do your research on T QWW and contact your bbroker immeddiately!

The time to get in on this great fish story is now! 

Tialor Aquaopnics Worlwdide, unlike many of its competitors, already succcessfully operates a commmercial scale food production system. 

The upside for Aquaponics is uncharted, but huge revenues are already 
being derived from a Tailoor Aqquaponics combined Fish Farming/Vegetable Farming venture in Australia. The research shows us that this is a stoock we want to acquire – and acquire a great deal of – before more news makes it across the Pacific. 

Remember, T QWW is on traack for inncreases of 250%, 400% or more, but not many people know about it yet. That’s why you need to do your research and make your p l a y today! 

Any of the above statements with respect to the future predications or 
goals and eve nts may be seen as only forward looking and nothing else. 
All informati on inside this emai l pertaining to any sort of ffinancial advice need to be understood as informatio n and not advice. None of the informat ion above can be constructed as any sort of ffinan cial a dvice. This is a paidd advertiseement.

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