[IOML] Using this will be a rocking success

consignee coxcombapplaud at rotor.hr
Wed Sep 20 00:27:36 BST 2006

Cyberhan d Tech, Inc (C YHD)

Sto ck Ra dar Presents
Get ready! CYH D continues.
Don't you dare take your eyes off this one t omorrow morning.
C u r r e n t pri ce: 0.01
When this s tock moves. W atch out.

N ews: 
FSB O media holdings enters into marketing and video production agreement to produce video-spectus 'TM' For Cyb erhand Technol ogies, Inc

F SBO Medi a Holdi ngs, Inc. announced that it has entered into a ma rketing and production agreement with Cyb erhand Technolog ies, Inc. (CYH D - New s) Cyberhan d focuses on Aerospace Weapon Systems{S/!} that provide the world's fastest controllers and most accurate target acquisition, generating the b e s t field results, as well as innovative wireless ergonomic pro ducts for private and military purposes.

The Video-Spectus(TM) is designed to complement the current written or static methods of information currently distributed through internet, n ewswires and copmany w e b s i t e s. It will also assist the compan y in mark eting its products, services or technologies. The Video-Spectus(TM) provides the viewer with an up close and personal look at the com pany by having its officers or com pany spokesperson describe its mission, c ompany achievements or prospects in a professionally produced TV-like infomercial. Inevstor and Public Relation firms will also share in the be nefits that the Video-Spectus(TM) provides by pointing shareholders and clients to the com pany's website. FS BO Web TV utilizes state-of-the-art virtual set technology, which allows the multi-million doll ar studio look at a fraction of the p rice. Dynamic tracking shots and corporate or hi-tech settings are the norm, not add-ons.

Bob Pianka, President of FSB O TV, Inc. said, "Our Video-Spectus(TM) infomercial has become a leading income generator for our copmany. Companies and IRPR firms are quickly recognizing the power of video to get their i nvestor relations and n e w pro duct launch infor mation in front of our very targeted audiences. In addition to producing the video itself, we then put the compa ny's Video-Spectus(TM) where it will be seen by thousands of potential invesotrs every day." FSBO Media Holdings Inc., is a multimedia mark eting conglomerate that provides a vast array of services, from real estate m arketing services to media exposure and distribution. F SBO Media Holdings is a diversified co mpany consisting of both hard assets as well as media properties used to promote and create strong branding programs for these assets. FSB O Media also works with outside companies, both public and private, with an array of mar keting, media and branding services.

The examples above show the awesome, earning potential of little known companies that explode onto inve stor's r a d a r screens; many of you are already familiar with this. Is C YHD poised and positioned to do that for you? then you may feel the time has come to act... And please w a t c h 
this one trad e tomorrow! Go CYH D.

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