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Lorie Doherty 970salmon at bio-miracle-asia.com
Thu Sep 21 02:54:59 BST 2006

Hey, Iom 
We offer a part-time job. 
The salary depends on the monetary amount 
of transactions executed by you . 
You will need no money to start.


We are small new firme ngaged in export of goods to overseas 
outside my country.We have won various small exports contract at one 
time or the other, recently we were (engaged) contracted to supply 
inancial programs for market analyzing, management project software 
in Australia and USA which was successfully done.

Unfortunately we have faced some difficulties while receiving payment 
for our software in our country as need 10-30 days to get a payment 
from your counrty. We do not have so much time to accept wire transfers 
and can't accept cashiers checks and money orders as well.
So we need your help to accept this payments in your country faster.

This is an entry level opportunity in the field of financial services. 
Our financial professionals work with clients to help them achiev etheir 
many financial goals such as saving on taxes. 

Strong communication skills coupled with the ability to work well with 
pepole on a one - to - one basis. The ability to grasp new concepts and 
the creative and organizational skills to set and achieve specific goals. 
An entrepreneurial work ethic and a deep desire to achieve financial success.
Effective organizational and analytical skills, and ability to work on 
multiple projects simultaneously along with meeting deadlines. Basic 
knowledge of credit principles, bank services and operations. Must possess 
verbal and written communication skills. Ability to work independently or 
in a team environment Proficiency in Microsoft Outlook, Word. 

SALARY: ($40 000-$50 000 /yr)

If you are interesting, please send your resume in e-mail our Managers. 
victoruateam at gala.net
Quinton Dickinson

!!! PLEASE SEND YUOR REPLY TO victorteam at gala.net

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