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Manxtu manxtu at manx.net
Mon Sep 9 13:28:38 UTC 2013

Sounds good to me Ill see what screens keyboards I can organize and a 
Raspberry Pi and a PC maybe running Ubuntu
Speak soon



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>     1. Re: Software Freedom Day - Planning - Update & Help Please!
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> Date: Sun, 8 Sep 2013 16:58:16 +0100
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> Steve,
> Thanks for the info. It'd be great having you there on tap to answer
> any questions. It seems you have a lot of experience with Free
> software.
> As for the RasPi, I can supply a USB keyboard and mouse, but I think
> my monitor only has VGA inputs. I'll see what else I can scrounge!
> Robb,
> It'd be really good to see you there. Linux Format DVDs are I good
> idea. I may have a few kicking about too, so thanks for the reminder!
> A laptop with Ubuntu installed would be great, so people can see a
> (mostly!) Free OS in action.
> It seems things are beginning to shape up. I've confirmed the venue at
> Nadine House.
> What sort of timings would suit everyone? I was thinking 11am - 2pm?
> If we make it too long, it ties people up and we'd also struggle to
> fill the day. If we make it too short, we might miss times when
> visitors are available.
> I've received a few promotional materials from SFD organisers. A
> banner, some balloons, a few stickers and a couple of T-Shirts. I'll
> bring them along on the day.
> I was thinking of burning a few copies of OpenDisc 12.09 from
> www,theopendisc.com in case any visitors wanted to take one away. I'll
> also buy some tea, coffee, biscuits etc to keep us going.
> If I get time, I'll try and print a few A5 flyers that describe
> software freedom and give some contact points. That way if anyone
> turns up who is short of time (or shy!) they could at least take some
> info away with them.
> Any other ideas for stuff?
> Thanks for your help so far,
> Dan.
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