[IoMLUG] Use of premises for meetups

Dan Wood mr.dan.wood at gmail.com
Thu Jun 8 12:29:54 UTC 2017

Hello John (and the list),

Thanks for the offer. Having been to STEAM Lab a few times while
teaching Arduino and soldering classes, I think it would be a great
venue and I'd love to get something regular happening around Linux
users on the IoM.

As Nathan has already said, we've had a few meets in the past, centred
around a theme. Usually an Ubuntu release, or a special event like
Software Freedom Day. We never did get to the stage of regular
meetings of any sort.

These one-offs have rarely broken into double figures, so I'm not sure
what the demand would be for regular meetings, but it's worth a try.
There are about 25 email addresses on this list, but I don't know how
many of them are actually being read by a human any more!

Any interest in organising regular informal meetings at STEAM Lab to
discuss Linux-y things?
Please post your comments to the list (by emailing
iom at mailman.lug.org.uk ) and include useful things like:
How often you'd like to meet?
Weekend days? or evenings?
Weekday evenings?

I think we should maybe start with bi-monthly and then work up from
there if there is sufficient interest?


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