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Dan Attwood danattwood at googlemail.com
Thu Aug 10 15:37:07 BST 2006

It has to be said it was a bit of a pisser not being able to watch the
video on Linux - but I don't think this is any to do with C4 - it's
more to do with the fact that the mplayer plugin doesn't work properly
with Firefox.

Or course there's the whole issue of adding properitory formats on top
of that to be able to see the wmv but that's a different issue


On 10/08/06, Alan Pope <alan at popey.com> wrote:
> On Thu, Aug 10, 2006 at 02:39:22PM +0100, Colin_The_Technician wrote:
> > Oh my god, I can't believe you guys can't see the good in this story
> > and focus on bashing CH4 because they don't cater for the small
> > percentage of Linux users.  Face facts guys over 90% of the world uses
> > Windows so it isn't surprising that CH4 has a Windows centric media
> > delivery method, like most of the internet.
> >
> Just because they do it, doesn't make it right.
> Go watch some videos on the BBC website. They are using RealPlayer which -
> whilst evil - at least *has* players on platforms other than Windows.
> > I would have hoped people would have focused on the fact that Linux
> > and Ubuntu were mentioned on mainstream media. Ok more4 probably ain't
> > mainstream, but it is good it is getting mentioned. And just hopefully
> > one of those Windows users watching online will think about using
> > Linux and Ubuntu and maybe even look for a local lug.
> >
> Well it's difficult to tell because I *can't* watch the segment can I?
> Besides which how ridiculous would this scenario be.
> John: "hey Bill, that's not windows you're running there is it?"
> Bill: "No John, it's this thing called Linux I heard about"
> John: "Never heard of it, where did you find out about it?"
> Bill: "There was this interview that I watched on the Channel 4 website,
> hang on, I'll show you..."
> At which point it all goes to shit because Bill can't show John the video.
> > Lets hope they aren't put off by the radical Linux users and comments.
> You consider me suggesting that they use a method of media delivery that is
> more open as �"radical"?How odd.
> > I am not having a go at you guys but the Linux community on the
> > whole.
> >
> > I like and use Windows, I also like Linux too.
> >
> I made a personal decision some years ago to not run Windows at home. The
> decisions that I made were personal based on my experience over the last 15
> years or so of Microsoft software and the way they do things as a company.
> You have chosen not to do this. That is of course your decision to make. But
> don't berate me and those like me for wanting a more open community which
> empowers people to use their computers rather than restricts them.
> Cheers,
> Al.
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