[Klug-general] Fwd: Rochester Kent LUG meeting

David Halliday david.halliday at gmail.com
Thu Aug 24 18:20:49 BST 2006

Hi all sorry for the delay (and yes a hangover had something to do
with it). I got back from my holiday Tuesday night and had to rush
into work because people were being cretins and causing me problems.

I'll aim for a 10:00 start

Map with photos of the building in PDF format is attached to (another) email
or you can download it on this link(god bless OOo):
http://david-halliday.co.uk/index.php?download=Kent LUG Rochester Directions.pdf

I'm aware that some people had difficulty finding us last time (sorry)
hope these
directions help a bit and if you are unsure of directions give me a
shout before i start drinking tomorrow night. If you email me I'll
send you my phone number to contact me on if you are very unsure.

I'm hoping to do some stuff with web filtering. I'm playing with a
simple filter called willow:

But I'm more interested in (if i can get them to work) Karoshi and
Dans guardian.

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