[Klug-general] Rochester Kent LUG meeting

Stan klug at hardstone.net
Fri Aug 25 10:39:59 BST 2006

David Halliday (david.halliday at gmail.com) apparently wrote:
> Hi all sorry for the delay (and yes a hangover had something to do
> with it). I got back from my holiday Tuesday night and had to rush
> into work because people were being cretins and causing me problems.
> I'll aim for a 10:00 start
> Map with photos of the building in PDF format is attached to the email
> or you can download it on this link(god bless OOo):
> http://david-halliday.co.uk/index.php?download=Kent LUG Rochester 
> Directions.pdf

<SNIP>1.4MB attachment</SNIP>

I'm sorry that my de-lurking is to make a complaint but could we have
attachments blocked please (I thought that was standard practice on
lists anyway).  If not blocked could their size at least be limited
(to less than 100k).  A link (as kindly provided) is certainly

Sorry about the grump, hope this doesn't cause too much offense but
some of us use slow and/or expensive links to fetch our email.


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