[Klug-general] January meeting

Kevin Groves kgroves at ksoft-creative-projects.co.uk
Tue Jan 17 21:07:23 GMT 2006

Michael. E. Rentell wrote:

> Good day,
> Following on from recent exchanges, can you indicate the location of 
> the meeting precisely? I want to attend, possibly with a friend, but 
> so far I'm not sure where we need to go.
> Ta.
> Mike Rentell
> in Folkestone.
> _____

Updated the website with a few bits (ie a website and rough walking directions for Dover).

It appears the guy has been off sick and I've not heard anything although they do seem to think it's still on.

If I hear nothing by next Wednesday I will put this venue on hold until I can get something arranged. All that's really the issue is car parking and how to get past the security.

I suppose it was a bit of a problem with xmas getting in the way but we'll see.


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