[Klug-general] Re: Please Help

Stuart Brand admin at server-solution.co.uk
Wed Jan 25 13:08:31 GMT 2006


What kernel are you using?

You should not use raw kernel headers, you should download the the headers
for you kernel from the Linux-Libc-Headers Project, find your headers and
install them as follows.

Unzip the Tarball and cd to directory

Install the header files:
cp -Rv include/asm-i386 /usr/include/asm
cp -Rv include/linux /usr/include

Ensure that all the headers are owned by root:
chown -Rv root:root /usr/include/{asm,linux}

Make sure the users can read the headers:
find /usr/include/{asm,linux} -type d -exec chmod -v 755 {} \;
find /usr/include/{asm,linux} -type f -exec chmod -v 644 {} \;

Then your headers will be located in /usr/include

Have Fun!


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