[Klug-general] Meeting on Saturday

klug at allen.brooker.gb.net klug at allen.brooker.gb.net
Fri Jan 27 01:12:29 GMT 2006

Hi all,

As I'm quite adept at basic linux stuff, I'm trying to think of some 
demonstratable things I can make sure I have prepared for the meet if 
people want to see them working. At the moment I have a Gentoo system 
with every-day programs like amarok, thudnerbird, firefox, openoffice, 
games, etc all up and running.

I also have some more advanced stuff that I can demonstrate, such as 
writing ebuilds (Gentoo's package installer scripts) and bash scripting 
(used for ebuilds), user mode linux (I think it's working - I booted it 
the other day and it seemed to be running fine). And there's probably 
plenty of stuff I haven't thought of.

Is there anything specific anyone can think of that either they'd like 
to see or that I could set up to demonstrate to others who might be 


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