[Klug-general] Debian 4.0 released

Karl Latimer karl at qdh.org.uk
Tue Apr 10 09:11:34 BST 2007

> Stable release is what it says - stable. Able to run mission critical
> servers. There are plenty of other options in Debian. Personally I run
> 2 web servers on the current stable, a laptop on testing which is a
> rolling update, a desktop on stable and a desktop on unstable which is
> what all the other derivatives base on and is why they keep breaking.
> Linux is about choices and Debian gives you more choice than any other
> distro.

Exactly how does debian offer more choice than any other distro?

Sounds like there are two choices, stable, and unstable...


How about, Fedora Desktop, Fedora Server, Fedora Live, Redhat Enterprise
Linux, Redhat Technical Workstation? 

Sounds like a whole heap of choice to me, then you've got

Ubuntu Long term support server, Ubuntu Long term support desktop,
Ubuntu Edgy server, Ubuntu edgy desktop, Ubuntu Feisty server, ubuntu
feisty desktop....

Are you starting to get the picture, these distros actually have recent
software, which IS stable!

GNOME 2.18 IS Stable for instance, its new, but its stable, its out of
testing and released, all within 6 months...

I think saying debian gives you more choice than any other distro is
like saying windows vista gives you more choice than any other windows


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