[Klug-general] Debian 4.0 released

Karl Latimer karl at qdh.org.uk
Wed Apr 11 08:49:37 BST 2007

On Wed, 2007-04-11 at 01:10 +0100, J D Freeman wrote:

Who let her out of the cage?

> In the UNIX world, the border line between what is, and isn't a server
> is so thin and so blurred as to make the idea of a "server" version of a
> distro, IMHO, laughable.

Funny, I'd have thought that DVD's full of packages was laughable
myself, 4.3Gb for Fedora, then stripping the bugger down into a server
is a pain in the arse... mind you, 600-700Mb is quite nice, and doesn't
come with all that useless crap. 

Maybe YOU are right JD, maybe the major distributors are wrong... I
doubt it.

> > Are you starting to get the picture, these distros actually have recent
> > software, which IS stable!
> Define stable? Changing every few months, does not to me, sound stable.
> Infact it sounds to me to be the complete opposite.

LMFAO, I'm going to refrain from saying what is on my mind to that.

START LIVING IN THE HERE AND NOW!!! FCS its always the same with you,
just bugger off and write everything in hex for eniac will you, adding
features, bug fixes and optimisation that comes with every release is
important to stability. 

How many 2.6 kernel patches are back ported to 2.4? Should we all run
apache 1.3? 

> Debian is a valid choice. Redhat (and derivatives) is also a valid
> choice. Not everyone makes the same choices. I choose debian exactly for
> this release cycle. I know that I have a stable base system that will
> stay much the same (baring major security updates) for many months. I
> don't want to be changing every 3 weeks cos someone has decided that
> their latest codebase is stable as it stays up for 3 hours. The rigorous
> quality control that goes into debian is why it takes a long time.

Hmm, I think the quality control that apache does is good on its own,
coupled with the redhat/ubuntu testing and all other distros putting
their ore in help. 

Grow up JD, and stop replying to this list to have someone to argue
with... I'm not going to entertain you I suggest others don't either.


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