[Klug-general] Cool Mobile Phone

Kevin Groves kgroves at ksoft-creative-projects.co.uk
Tue Apr 17 20:01:10 BST 2007

If anyone is after a good phone to use with Linux then one I've just 
bought is damn good. Its an old Sony K750.

USB plugs in and Sony Mem Stick works as storage. Does not do this under 
Windows I've read!

With Bluetooth things get very funky. Good support with BlueZ and can do 
all the OBEX push stuff to internal memory and stick.

Then for the ultimate cool I found an Amarok phone plug in which lets 
you do remote control of the media player. In fact this phone is one of 
the few that offers Bluetooth HID support so you can remote control 
almost any PC with the right key mappings. This is such a great toy!

Then google for 'line sony k750' to find tips on how to create your own 
themes and ring tones.

I love this phone which is saying a lot considering the evilness of the 
business range lot (*DO NOT* touch the P990i).


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