[Klug-general] OpenStreetMap is coming to Kent

Nick Black nickblack1 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 30 17:01:38 BST 2007


My name is Nick and I am involved with OpenStreetMap (OSM)- the
collaborative project that is creating free maps of the world.  We are
holding a mapping party in Canterbury on the 12th - 13th May, during which
we will map as many of Kent's roads and footpaths as possible in a weekend.
There's more information about the event on our wiki:


If anyone would like to come along over the weekend to see how we go about
making free maps, drop me an email.  We have GPS units that we can lend out
to people and there will be OSM volunteers on hand to show people how our
software works and answer any questions you might have about open geo-data.
Aside from that, we'll be meeting on Saturday night in a Canterbury pub -
its always great to meet other open source people - so if any of you want to
drop in you are all welcome.

Thanks for your time,

Nick Black
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