[Klug-general] Linux phones

Alan at COMM-TECH alan at communitytechnology.org.uk
Fri Jul 13 12:57:23 BST 2007

Its not much to ask really is it, for a simple shell on my phone?

There's some progress but I don't hold out much hope this year.



Dan Attwood wrote:
> My impending change of jobs will mean for the first time ever i'm going 
> to have ot pay for my mobile bills - oh the horror!
> As a result i'm going to have to get a new phone and sim card. Ideally 
> of course i'd the like the phone to have good linux support for backing 
> up numbers, shifting pics around etc via bluetooth. And of course in a 
> perfect world the phone it's self would be running linux as well. The 
> phone will also have to be on the vodapahone network as thats what my 
> partner has and we want to take advantage of her free minutes.
> Does anyone have any suggestions?
> Dan

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