[Klug-general] iPlayer Letter Writing Campaign

George Prowse cokehabit at gmail.com
Thu Jul 19 17:39:55 BST 2007

Colin McCarthy wrote:
> I am sure everyone has heard about the BBC iPlayer and it using Windows 
> DRM, meaning you have to use Windows to use the service when it starts 
> at the end of the month.
> Following a link on Alan Pope's blog someone has created letters that we 
> can edit, print out and then send to the BBC and your MP to complain 
> about the closed system the BBC intends to use and show your support for 
> FLOSS.  FLOSS now is not free as you need to spend £1.50 on stamps to 
> send the letters, but well worth it. :-)
> You can read the orginal blog post here 
> http://blog.paladine.org.uk/?p=14 and download the premade letters here 
> http://ubuntu-uk.org/downloads/iPlayer-Letters.tar.gz
> Get printing, stamping and mailing today!
> Colin

Seeing as it is beta I see no reason why they should make an entirely 
new player just for 1% of computers.

As a beta tester for the last 3 months I can see the potential position 
they would be in with non-DRM stuff. Basically there would be half the 

Anyway, who really cares because they get binned after 28 days...

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