[Klug-general] Dial up internet

George Prowse cokehabit at gmail.com
Sun Jul 22 18:06:55 BST 2007

Dan Attwood wrote:
> My in laws have decided to take the plunge get a PC and have agreed to 
> give ubuntu a try before they shell out on a windows box or a mac.
> i need to set up a dial up, penny per minute internet connection for 
> them. I've just tried to do this with BT, however their registration 
> page dosen't work with firefox and the technical asked 'do you have XP 
> or Vista'. So that was a no go.
> Does anyone have any recommendation for dial up internet?
> Dan
Tiscali still did dial-up while I was with them a couple of months ago.

Whatever you do, make sure you do the updates on your broadband 
connection first. It is more than likely there will be 100mb of updates 
for the first time

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