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Dan Attwood danattwood at googlemail.com
Tue Jul 24 08:53:39 BST 2007

I started looking at getting the internal modems to work with Ubuntu last
night and it was painful. The PCtel one requires a downgrade to the kernel
which is just to much hassle and to much of a potential problem of losing
other features. Looks like it's going to be the External route.


On 23/07/07, Mike Evans <mike at tandem.f9.co.uk> wrote:
> Dan Attwood wrote:
> > Ok cool I'll give UK online a go and see if i have any luck -
> > unfortunately I've only got internal modems kicking around, lets hope
> > Ubuntu comes up with the goods
> I did read something to the effect that some winmodems are now
> supported.  If not it would be worth trying the Linuxant route.  They
> started off using the 'free' model, but have decided they need to make a
> charge.  Given that the charge is probably less than purchasing an
> external modem it's still worth considering.  They have some software
> which detects the type of winmodem so you can get an idea whether they
> can help you, and then a try before you buy in any case.  Seems pretty
> reasonable unless you are hooked on the idea of never paying anyone to
> write any software ever.
> My plan, when Windows ME finally collapses on my mother's laptop is to
> take that route.  Fortunately she has so far been extremely disciplined
> with regard to clicking on dangerous things and getting a virus.
> Mike
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