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You are insulted and I am out of pocket to no purpose - not for the 
first time - 
I think we'll leave it at that

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>Date: 30/11/2008 22:47 
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>I'll not bother with 'sorry' seeing as you don't think that will 
cover it.
>So far as I can see my original posting suggested a 1800 start to 
>meal (post 6/11/08), which I later amended to 1830 (post 26/11/08), 
>given that the restaurant didn't open until 1800.  You therefore 
>well after we had been seated, and whilst the meal was in the process 
>being served, which prevented my speaking to you properly.  We were 
>than happy to have made space for you at the table, but in the minute 
>so it took to finish speaking with the waiter attempting to serve 
>you had vanished.  My impression is therefore that your 
>was almost entirely of your own making.
>Your choice to cease participation in the group is entirely your own 
>I would not seek to influence it one way or the other.  However, I 
>genuinely insulted by your accusations.
>Richard wrote:
>> I am sure you will understand that I will not be attending further
>> meetings of your group
>> I can accept that George was unwell, and I fully understand the
>> difficulties that he has. I should have bought my directions 
anyway, but
>> after that:
>>  10:10 three attempts to ring contact number failed - I assume 
phone was
>> off as I had good signal- email address useless 
>>  Having wasted a further 30 mins driving around looking for the 
school I
>> went home not for the first time, thoroughly pissed off.
>> 	At home I debated whether to turn out again or not, and decided 
that as
>> I had put down my name for the meal, and I located the restaurant 
>> my drive-around, it would not be polite to just stay put.
>> 	So when I arrive at 7.30 I find a full table (no place for George 
or me
>> though neither had said they weren't coming) and the meal in full 
>> in spite of the fact that a 7.30 start was stipulated........ 
>> doesn't cover it.
>> 	I'm sure you are all clever people in your way but your 
>> skills are pathetic and your manners non-existent.
>> 	Feel free to remove me from your mailing list if you wish
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