[Klug-general] Installing OOo

Mike Rentell michael.rentell at ntlworld.com
Mon Dec 8 17:25:04 UTC 2008

Laurence Southon wrote:
> Mike Rentell wrote:
>> Once again my aging memory is letting me down. I had that command once, 
>> but it has gone the way of all things...
> I have that problem too, and believe me it gets worse.
> Workaround for me is to keep a personal Wiki, with notes on all sorts of
> things. It needn't be a work of art, as long as you can search for what
> you've forgotten!
> LS

Er - yeah - I actually want to ask ... what's a Wiki?

But I dare not because I see the term all over the place and I have this 
awful feeling I'm supposed just to er well - just 'know'.

And I don't  (wail!)  And as for constructing one - wouldn't know where 
to start.

Where's this guy been? I hear you mutter.

Cut my teeth on Cobol and Algol in the early 1970s - sorry.  My current 
computer is smaller than my house, so that's like really small for me.



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