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Etenil etenil at etenilsrealm.nl
Thu Dec 18 13:07:32 UTC 2008

I believe some of you are working in schools, I came across some
interesting news today.

First, a happy picture:

The article is about a teacher in a French middle school who is actively
supporting Free software. After discussing the problem with his
colleagues, he persuaded one of his fellow maths teachers, IT admin and
member of the school council, of the benefits of Free software.

This math teacher then took action and proposed a full switch during the
school's council meeting. The decision to migrate was unanimously

Here is a translation of the motion:

Nowadays, teaching IT holds a full part in the duty that the schools
have towards students.

For these teachings to be compatible with the public service objective
of the Éducation Nationale (the French education body), we wish the
school to use, promote and develop the Free softwares with reference to
the leading agreement between the Education Ministry and the AFUL
(French Linux and Free software Users Association.)

A Free software is a "software which license called "Free" gives the
freedom to anyone to use, study, modify, improve, copy and distribute
Why should we use Free software?

* Firstly because their diversity and quality can fulfill all the needs
of a modern school (web browser, office suite, picture processing,
drawing, digital publishing...)

* Developed under the principles of co-operation and Free research, in a
non-commercial goal, they meet the business neutrality required by the
public education as defined in the French Education Code (Code de
l'Éducation - article L.511-2) and the Code of good practice for
business interventions in an teaching environment.

* Designed to work most of hardware configurations, optimised to use the
least resource possible, they are an answer to the issue of financing
the IT rooms of the middle schools and can increase the lifespan of the

* Regularly updated and upgraded, these software will remain efficient
and adapted to the latest technical evolutions.

* Working following "open" standards, they are compatible with all other
systems, including proprietary ones.

* Available to all gratis, they allow an equal access to communications
and information technology, allowing students to use the same
environment at home as in the classroom and help to contribute against
the technological gap.

Consequently, we declare taking all necessary steps in order to make
using and developping Free software a priority of the middle school.




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