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Ian Vellosa ian at vellosa.co.uk
Wed Dec 17 17:04:36 UTC 2008

Echoing other comments...

About a year ago I bought a Lenovo (Thinkpad) T61p, and can’t say enough good things about it, although it wasn’t cheap with the RAM upgraded to 4Gb. It came with Vista Ultimate, which was surprisingly slow. This was quickly replaced with Gentoo and I’ve not looked back. Compiz still amazes me.

As already mentioned these things are build like a brick (and some would say look like one) but I love mine. The only minor complaint I could have would be the “Fn” and “Ctrl” keys in the bottom left corner have been swapped around when compared to the Dell and HP laptops I was using beforehand. Besides getting used to that, the keyboard is a pleasure to type on. 

Lenovo ship their laptops with Linux already installed [1] so you shouldn’t find too many issues with hardware compatibility, although I’ve had to spend a lot of time with some components like the wireless networking. One site that was very useful while setting up the laptop was the Linux ThinkPad Wiki [2] which had lots of information about configurations. 


[1] www.lenovo.com/think/linux
[2] www.thinkwiki.org/

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> Hi,
> Just a quick question, I have been considering updating my
> laptop for some
> time now. I’d like to be able to take full advantage of
> what ubuntu has to
> offer with out spending a small fortune.
> What laptops / spec would you recommend?
> Many thanks JJ
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