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J D Freeman klug at quixotic.org.uk
Sun Dec 28 04:40:13 UTC 2008

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At the recent lug meet a few people commented on the joys of JOSM (the
open street map tool of choice) and how well it deals with large
datasets and the like. 

This evening I came across an interesting tool called "viking", you can
get it on source forge at:


You will need a few libraries installed that may not be by default on
some machines: libgtk2.0-dev, libcurl3-dev, intltool, but then it should
just be a case of ./configure and then make. It says in the readme that
you need to install it for it to work, but that doesn't appear to be the
case, ./src/viking seems to make it run fine. 

Remarkably it handles complex datasets in nicely, and you can overlay
them over both google maps, and osm, you can also choose which OSM
renderer to use, which is quite useful. But to me just the fact that I
can load in 2400km of tracks and it not die, is a massive functionality
win over JOSM. This said, I don't think it allows for OSM upload, but it
does allow for you to sensibly chop up a large dataset into something
smaller that you can then feed into JOSM.

Anyway, thought I would share this with people encase they are

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