[Klug-general] Geeka Masala Tours To Maidstone

George Prowse george.prowse at gmail.com
Thu Nov 6 17:11:31 UTC 2008

Mike Evans wrote:
> Following a discussion on IRC this morning I have the following proposal:
> 29th November is our LUG meeting in Maidstone.  The meeting will be 
> 10:00 to 14:00.
> The area around the school is pretty much blank on OpenStreetMap so the 
> idea is to spend a couple of hours before it gets dark doing some 
> walking around and recording stuff.  Then repair to somewhere warm with 
> a WiFi connection so we can enter and upload our information whilst 
> partaking of refreshment.
> OpenStreetMap are also doing a data gathering exercise this coming 
> weekend, and hopefully some of our crew will be participating and will 
> be able to share their experiences with us at the meeting.  Anyone 
> wishing to participate on 8th/9th see Nick Black's email of 3/11 to this 
> list.
> Finally, the day would conclude with an economical meal out.  This could 
> be a curry - but if someone has a suggestion of a cheap place to eat 
> where we can book a table then it can be there.  (Curry houses do have 
> the advantage that they do vegetarian quite well and can usually offer 
> both spicy and mild foods.)  It happens that I'm over in Maidstone on 
> the afternoon of 17th November so I can check somewhere out then.
> ####################
> 1) Respond to this email to say you want to participate in
>    a) mapping/data-gathering 14:00 to 16:00
>    b) drinking/data-recording 16:00-18:00
>    c) eating 18:00 onwards
> or any combination of the above
> 2) Suggest venues for b) and c) if you know Maidstone
> I need responses by bedtime on Sunday 16th November.  I'll then do some 
> research and propose a final plan in week commencing 17th Nov.
> Mike
I'd love to come and meet up with everyone for a curry afterwards but I 
dont live in Maidstone and i'm not really the walking type :)

Could those who just want to come to have a curry and chat to everyone 
meet after?


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