[Klug-general] Geeka Masala Tours To Maidstone

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Thu Nov 6 22:18:38 UTC 2008

I should be around on that day and am happy to take part. My usefulness 
would be confined to taking notes as I have no expertise at all. Even 
my beer drinking ability will be impaired by the drive back to 
woodchurch!. Incidentally I tried to attend the last meeting at  
Conference rooms witherspoons but not realising the size and popularity 
of the place never made contact with the group. Even the bar staff 
seemed totally unaware of any meeting, and as I know no-one by sight I 
gave up.
I hope that clear instructions on how to get to the proposed meeting 
will be available, as abortive trips to Maidstone is an outlay  that my 
limited budget can ill afford.
regards Rich 

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>Following a discussion on IRC this morning I have the following 
>29th November is our LUG meeting in Maidstone.  The meeting will be 
>10:00 to 14:00.
>The area around the school is pretty much blank on OpenStreetMap so 
>idea is to spend a couple of hours before it gets dark doing some 
>walking around and recording stuff.  Then repair to somewhere warm 
>a WiFi connection so we can enter and upload our information whilst 
>partaking of refreshment.
>OpenStreetMap are also doing a data gathering exercise this coming 
>weekend, and hopefully some of our crew will be participating and 
>be able to share their experiences with us at the meeting.  Anyone 
>wishing to participate on 8th/9th see Nick Black's email of 3/11 to 
>Finally, the day would conclude with an economical meal out.  This 
>be a curry - but if someone has a suggestion of a cheap place to eat 
>where we can book a table then it can be there.  (Curry houses do 
>the advantage that they do vegetarian quite well and can usually 
>both spicy and mild foods.)  It happens that I'm over in Maidstone 
>the afternoon of 17th November so I can check somewhere out then.
>1) Respond to this email to say you want to participate in
>   a) mapping/data-gathering 14:00 to 16:00
>   b) drinking/data-recording 16:00-18:00
>   c) eating 18:00 onwards
>or any combination of the above
>2) Suggest venues for b) and c) if you know Maidstone
>I need responses by bedtime on Sunday 16th November.  I'll then do 
>research and propose a final plan in week commencing 17th Nov.
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