[Klug-general] Geeka Masala Tours To Maidstone

Toni Barnard toni.barnard at homedics.co.uk
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J D Freeman wrote:
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> On Thu, Nov 06, 2008 at 11:18:32PM +0100, rich-ayres at tiscali.co.uk
>> I should be around on that day and am happy to take part. My
>> would be confined to taking notes as I have no expertise at all. Even

>> my beer drinking ability will be impaired by the drive back to 
>> woodchurch!. Incidentally I tried to attend the last meeting at  
>> Conference rooms witherspoons but not realising the size and
>> of the place never made contact with the group. Even the bar staff 
>> seemed totally unaware of any meeting, and as I know no-one by sight
>> gave up.
>> I hope that clear instructions on how to get to the proposed meeting 
>> will be available, as abortive trips to Maidstone is an outlay  that
>> limited budget can ill afford.
> First off, a small "I told you so", as a reason why spoons was
> considered bad, to many people :p
> Moving onto the useful contribution of this email: In the past people
> hav either had rather geeky things (laptops), tuxes,  or similiar on
> table to make it easy to work out who is who. 
> Boudiccas used to bring a red hat hat with her, but I don't know if
> was there or if she still does. 
> Does noone have a tux they can bring along? If I come along I shall
> to bring something obviously geeky with me. 
> Kinda reminds me of turning upto the linux beer hike in 2001, finding
> bar in the middle of the ardenne inthe middle of the night, walking
> a random table and saying "Penguins!" and being handed a beer. But I
> digress...
> J

I'll bring a big 17" aluminium powerbook, it sticks out like a sore

Me and Oly should be there for the food and the mapping :) Though my
usefulness on the mapping side has yet to be decided!


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