[Klug-general] Geeka Masala Tours To Maidstone

Dan Attwood danattwood at googlemail.com
Fri Nov 14 10:46:26 UTC 2008

ok here's few more details about the mapping from my perspective just so
people can get an idea of how useful they may be with the mapping - feel
free to correct me if i'm wrong kitty;

-The area to be mapped is divided up into sections

-everybody chooses a section and heads of to it

-each person or team of people has a gps set to log their tracks

-they mark off the road names, postboxes, telephone booths shops etc etc
either onto a print out of mulitmap pages or by hand drawing a map as they
go along (which is a lot harder then it might seem)

-when they have done their section (or are bored, cold etc) they then
download the gps tracks form the gps and load them into the editor josm
(josm is available in the ubuntu repos, not sure about other distros but it
is java based)

- using josm they then trace over the tracks adding roads/ details and
adding names etc

- the gps tracks are also uploaded to the open street map  - from there they
can be edited with the online editor - but essentially the tracks act as
legal proof that you have actually gone to the area and walked round it and
not just copied from multimap or similar

- there are lots of different variations on the above but from my very
limited time with the project this seems to be roughly how it works

so in terms of how useful you can be on the day -

you can add details to the printed out map

you can team up with someone see that you both add details and have a good
natter as you go round

you can learn how to use josm (which is easily the hardest part) so that you
can go away and add some details of your home area (assuming someone else
has already added the tracks you can edit the details and correct any

you can help with editing the tracks that are collected on the day

It would be nice on the day if we can fill in the area around Queens road
and popular grove that is currently missing from OSM - it's a pretty small
area and so i don't envisage it will take to long (bearing in mind it gets
dark at 4)

A really it's just about learning a bit about a new open source project and
giving a bit of a headstart to those that want to get invloved

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