[Klug-general] ITTA

George Prowse george.prowse at gmail.com
Fri Nov 14 12:28:15 UTC 2008

Sharon wrote:
> On Thursday 13 November 2008 20:56, Sharon wrote:
>> On Thursday 13 November 2008 20:12, Dan Attwood wrote:
>>> who's intending on going tomorrow night?
>>> I hoping to make it down if my poorly cat lets me and i'll be bringing a
>>> squidgy tux fpr the table so that i stand out
>> I'm going to be there, hopefully complete with my redhat baseball cap
> In view of the small number of people who said that they were going tonight 
> [one, me] I've decided to cancel tonights social meeting, and hope that 
> Decembers will be better attended.
> Sharon.
Is it possible that we can move it to next friday? I know i can come 
then, maybe Karl, Dan and Mike an make it down as well?

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