[Klug-general] Talk at the next meet

Karl Lattimer karl at qdh.org.uk
Sun Nov 16 12:13:19 UTC 2008

I've trimmed everything that JD's ignorance prevented her from
understanding and therefore she wanted to argue about "just because". I
will only counter the points which are relevant rather than just those
which are intended to be argumentative. 

> > I disagree, the message -> calendar problem is a huge interaction
> > mistake. Microsoft made it first, it has perpetuated throughout (I am of
> > course talking about clients that support meeting requests etc...)
> This is not a fault with email, this is a fault behind many modern email
> clients. It is a UI issue.

Yep it is a UI issue... One which is easily solvable...

> > True, However it makes little sense that we should employ our brains to
> > parse these messages rather than simply use the power of the computer. 
> Unfortunately computers are not at the level where they can interpret
> the nuances of most human communication and as such are unable to assist
> in many of these tasks. Want something else to do it, hire a PA.

That is utter bull! Never heard of Noam Chomsky? The maths involved in
language semantics is simple. 

> > I get email related to various projects, email related to various tasks
> > I've been working on, emails where I'm collaborating with someone on
> > documents, images etc... emails which are from mailing lists, emails on
> > various financial matters the list goes on and on and on...
> Yeap, I get emails on all those topics too. I do alot of collaborating.
> Infact with a company work force that is often distributed across 3
> countries, I find that proper tools for collaboration are incredibly
> important. Email provides a core part of this. IRC, SVN, and a linux VM
> that we can all work on being the other key parts.
> > Firstly collaboration is pretty broken, mostly because there's no
> > inbuilt revision control, that's why wizbit (http://wizbit.org) will
> > start handling this in the future.
> SVN is a wonderful tool, or CVS, or RCS. Wow this is such a new problem,
> shame they haven't had a solution for the last 25 years. 

Actually the VCS (Version Control System) problem may have been solved
25 years ago... However RCS, CVS and SVN all have one major failing.
They are incapable of providing an effective collaboration environment.
I don't want to continue to argue this point as it has already been
highlighted by people a great deal smarter than you JD... Linus wrote
Git in 3 days because a proprietary piece of software he'd been using
for 15 years to manage the revision threads in the kernel revoked the
license. The reason he was using something proprietary was that it
offered something no other VCS does. Distributed Version Control... DVCS
now in the form of Git or Bazaar is king in software development,
however it still fails to meet the model of the file system. This is
what we've been trying to solve with wizbit. We've actually done almost
a years worth of research onto this project and we're using DVCS
principles to allow us to have collaboration, synchronisation and
version control built into the file system... You obviously didn't read
the website. If you had read Mark Shuttleworths recent blog post
regarding the GNOME summit you'd see that Wizbit is probably one of a
group of the most important desktop technologies ever in development.

> > This is why organise framework is so important.
> Organise Framework, looks like a low level infrastrucure technology
> designed to improve file system storage. How will this provide an inter
> human communication system that is so superlative that it warrants the
> statement "email sucks" ?

Organise framework is a framework for creating semantic associations
between blobs. It is being applied to the file system as the fastest way
to refine the tech, we'll be applying it to every form of blob (not just
files) that make sense for it...

You can't see the bigger picture I won't even try to show it to you.

> > I'm leaving that to pvanhoof to worry about, all I'm interested in is
> > the knowledge systems that are required in order to build a better user
> > experience. 
> You really are trying for full buzzword compliance. 

Which buzz word? "Knowledge system" ah, yeah, never thought you'd be one
for bioinformatics. We're talking about a system of knowledge rather
than storage of data here. There is a difference between a file and an
engramme don't you know.

> You appear to be
> going for the "It all sucks" and relying on everyone else to fix what
> you consider to be problems.

Actually not at all, I work with pvanhoof on a bits of these projects.
He's working on server side technology I'm working on desktop user
experience and user testing... Among many other things. We're
collaboratively solving these problems the way that they should be

> > P.S. There's also the fact that being a command line zealot you
> > highlight your terrible ability to spell to the world.
> And you illustrate your ignorance regarding spell checking technology.
> Being dyslexic

Let me just point out, dyslexia isn't an excuse to spell the correct
word badly. Also, every mis-spelled word in the email I responded to
with this comment had the top hit in the spelling checker as the correct
word. Therefore you loose.

I really can't be bothered with you JD... You need to actually
understand that not everyone is like you. You need to learn about
empathy, and theory of mind. 


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