[Klug-general] OpenStreetMap 29th

Mike mike at csits.net
Wed Nov 26 17:56:35 UTC 2008


This might be a bit cheeky, I don't know but would anyone fancy                                                            
collecting some payphone data for the Payphone DB project while out                                                        
OpenStreetMaping at the weekend?

The website is at: http://payphonedb.bobsbasement.co.uk/ and the info                                                      
we're after is the stuff on this form:                                                                                     

I've started to add some London ones so there is some data in there that                                                   
gives an example.

It isn't essential to get everything as anyone can edit the records                                                        
(it's a bit of an OSM/wikipedia for payphones). 

I would like very much though if people can get the postcode (the                                                          
address is printed on a lable inside the payphone on the BT ones, though                                                   
occasionaly it is absent/rubbed off), the GPS coordinates and the phone                                                    
number (as it's the key field) as this allows us to:

a) Submit the postcode and GPS data to www.freethepostcode.org                                                             
b) Submit the payphone location onto the OSM                                                                               
c) Any other funky thing that we find to do with the data

Any problems with the DB, please let me know.


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