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Fish goldfish654 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 14 16:46:15 UTC 2009

Hello all,

I've not managed to make a meeting in some time,  mainly due to uni work,
but since the recent discussions of IPv6 I had an idea.

If people need to adopt IPv6 to make it useful,  why don't we jump in and
make an effort ourselves ? Linux has supported the stack for years, so why
not make it an example?

For people without native IPV6,  which will be most everyone,  you can use a
tunnel broker like tunnelbroker.net to get yourself connectivity.  This
could be a workshop topic in itself (i.e. Getting IPv6 on your Linux distro
using a 4to6 tunnel).  The other nice thing is HE have a "certification", so
you can show people that you've got some knowlege of how to use IPv6.

Also, once we have done this we could start hosting some useful services
(say, IRC, website, FTP, game servers?) and make use of the protocol.

Those who are so inclined could even try writing some applications which
make full use of IPv6.

Since the point of a network is to connect computers (and people) together,
a group such as ours might not be a bad place to start :-)


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