[Klug-general] Alan Turing Pardon Petition

James Blake jimmyblake at gmail.com
Tue Sep 1 10:32:08 UTC 2009

I hate it when you hit send before you finish the message, I meant to  
add 'I jest' (as well as an example of whether the recent thread on  
ISPs was encouraging us to sign up to new contracts?) after the  
advocacy and an apology!


On 1 Sep 2009, at 11:21, James Blake wrote:

> On 1 Sep 2009, at 10:50, George Prowse wrote:
>> There are some things that are close enough to the topic to warrant a
>> slight deviation but getting people to sign up for things - no matter
>> what the subject - is too far.
> Firstly the email does also provide information on a book and  
> upcoming event at Bletchley Park, not just a request for people to  
> sign up.  As enthusiasts I considered the interest that many in the  
> Linux community have in the origins of the modern computer and I  
> thought this might be of interest.  I also did try and make it clear  
> in the subject line the nature of the email.
> I apolo
> Also just to be clear does the embargo on signing up to things also  
> include Linux advocacy activities?  How about getting someone to  
> sign up to a sale, i.e. selling things?
>> This subject is already on the klug website by you, why did you  
>> think it
>> warranted a second inclusion?
> I wasn't aware it was on the site, was it trawled from my Twitter or  
> RSS feed because I certainly didn't post it there?
>> Also, can people STOP replying to emails and then changing the  
>> subject
>> to reflect another completely different subject, you need to create a
>> new email.
> Apologies with this regards.

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