[Klug-general] Alan Turing Pardon Petition

George Prowse george.prowse at gmail.com
Tue Sep 1 12:03:08 UTC 2009

James Blake wrote:
> On 1 Sep 2009, at 10:50, George Prowse wrote:
>> There are some things that are close enough to the topic to warrant a
>> slight deviation but getting people to sign up for things - no matter
>> what the subject - is too far.
> The email isn't just trying to get people to sign up to the petition,  
> it does also provide information on an interesting book on Turing and  
> upcoming event at Bletchley Park this weekend to celebrate the birth  
> of modern computing.  As enthusiasts I considered the interest that  
> many in the Linux community have in the origins of the modern computer  
> and I thought this, as well as the petition, may be of interest.  I  
> also did try and make it clear in the subject line the nature of the  
> email.
> Also just to be clear does the embargo on signing up to things also  
> include Linux advocacy activities?  How about getting someone to sign  
> up to a sale, i.e. selling things like laptops?  Many of the replies  
> to the recent thread about ISPs contained recommendations made could  
> be considered 'encouraging someone to signup for a contract with a new  
> ISP'...
> I jest obviously ;)  I'll take the feedback on-board and ensure it is  
> taken into consideration in the future.

I think it was more that yours was just the latest one. I get emails 
asking me to sign up for this and that and I never expected it to come 
from a linux mailing list.

I completely agree with what you posted and I signed up for it, I just 
thought it was the wrong place. I suppose I feel there is a difference 
between talking linux and talking petitions, even more than that I think 
there is still a big gap between linux and Alan Turing.
>> This subject is already on the klug website by you, why did you  
>> think it
>> warranted a second inclusion?
> I wasn't aware that there was a posting on the site, was it trawled  
> from my Twitter or RSS feed because I certainly didn't post it there?
>> Also, can people STOP replying to emails and then changing the subject
>> to reflect another completely different subject, you need to create a
>> new email.
> Apologies with this regards.

No, problem, I did it quite a few times before I realised

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