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Peter Childs peterachilds at gmail.com
Fri Sep 4 07:27:06 UTC 2009

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From: Peter Childs <peterachilds at gmail.com>
Date: 2009/9/4
Subject: Re: [Klug-general] 19" Rack
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2009/9/3 George Prowse <george.prowse at gmail.com>:
> dan wrote:
>>> Hey, any woman who wants to post about her rack on these lists is fine
>>> by me ;)
>> Says the man who was previously moaning posts not being linux related
> she's offering something that we can put linux on (and probably already
> has on) to the group I dont see that as off-topic

Silly point this but it is equipment to hold a computer on upon which
you can put Linux.

I've not yet met a Rack able to run Linux without a computer inside.

Its computer related so its valid I guess, just as if someone wants to
a talk on BSD, Hurd, at a meets its valid, We are not only locked to
the Kernel if we were meets would get very bland. I can't actually
remember a thread or discussion purely on Linux (as in the Kernel) in
recent history.....

Silly Mute point but this list is getting as bad as Gllug currently.


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