[Klug-general] pointless stretch (was Re: Fwd: 19" Rack)

james morris james at jwm-art.net
Sat Sep 5 09:46:48 UTC 2009

Yes probably. But all work and no play makes jack a dull boy.



On 5/9/2009, "klug-mail at richayres2.plus.com"
<klug-mail at richayres2.plus.com> wrote:

>Is'nt this all a bit Pointless? "Talk about Linux-relevant topics" was
>mooted earlier to which I say Amen
> Rich
>> On 4/9/2009, "AllenJB" <allen at allenjb.me.uk> wrote:
>>>Mike Evans wrote:
>>>> Benjamin Donnachie wrote:
>>>>> 2009/9/4 Peter Childs <peterachilds at gmail.com>:
>>>>>> Silly Mute point but this list is getting as bad as Gllug currently.
>>>>> +1, as they would say on that list...
>>>>> Ben
>>>> I think you'll find that it's a moot point, not a mute point,
>>>> unless the point in question is incapable of making a sound.
>>>A point doesn't make a sound. What people do with points might tho.
>> Good point. You need many points to make sound, a preferable minimum of
>> 44100 a second. And as for mute points, these don't exist, muting is
>> rarely automated, volume should be controlled by the fader.

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