[Klug-general] Asterisk - good or bad?

George Prowse george.prowse at gmail.com
Tue Sep 8 19:20:18 UTC 2009

Peter Childs wrote:
> 2009/9/8 Paul Littlefield <paul.littlefield at bigfoot.com>:
>> Marvellous, thank you for all your replies...
>> ...especially the "bitch" line Julia, I love a challenge ;-)
> I tend to agree with everyone else,
> The main problem which is why its back on on the Great idea pile, was
> that I wanted to use it behind a double NAT(ed) office, (Yes you heard
> that right two routers, Which if you then want to run VoIP is a no no.
> My current though it that if someone were to get IPv6 working properly
> VoIP might suddenly be usable by normal people. But until then I guess
> its Skype, Skype or Skype
> Peter.

Asterisk supports ipv6: http://www.asteriskv6.org/

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