[Klug-general] Firewalls

dan attwood danattwood at googlemail.com
Wed Sep 9 07:47:01 UTC 2009

Peter Childs wrote:
> I need some advise.
> I have a rather complicated LAN that has two (yes 2) Network Address
> Translations (NATs) between it and the internet at large.
> 1. Is a ADSL Be Box that I've got very little control over
> 2. A Linux Box that runs IPTables and Squid to Cache and Virus scan
> the web (the rules don't add up to much more than that, (Oh it also
> have a VNC access)
> I want to be able to run VoIP on the network to communicate.
why not rip everything out as it sounds far to complicated a set up for 
only 35 machines.
Plug the adsl into an untangle firewall which will then give you nat, 
virus scanning and a few other things. then either ditch the squid 
although or run it on a vm somewhere - perhaps on the same box running 
the untangle firewall

Remember KISS


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