[Klug-general] Power Consumption

Ian Pascoe ianpascoe at btinternet.com
Sat Sep 19 11:34:51 UTC 2009

Don't know if it could be split up correctly, but you could always build a
hybrid storage system with both SSD and HDD using the SSD for items that are
mostly Read and Written occasionally, and the HDD for those that get R/W
often.  Must admit I've never looked at a system in this fashion so don't
even know if it'd work!  However, I like the idea especially with the work
being done over the next two kernal releases to Power Manage items to a much
finer granularity .... whereby you can set up a script to power down, in
stages, a HDD for instance based on it's usage.


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Designing a tiny system working out the power reqs...

Intel ATX DG41TY with Intel DualCore Pentium, 2Gb 6400, 2x SATA 2.5",
Bluetooth USB, hopefully NO fan (lge heatsink), so wondering whether a 120W
open PSU will suffice.

Will need that P4 bit too.

Think may work without xtra 4 on the 20-pin...

As for SSDs, trying to keep build costs low, but could use one perhaps...


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